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Mar 20

The BBC 5 Shot method is an easy way to create a sequence of shots that can be used for a story over and over again.

The British broadcasting system was the company that started using these photo sequences.

The five shots include:

  • Medium shot to establish the sequence. It will start with someone talking or something going on. Jake recommends it is sedintary and the camera will stay still.
  • Closeup shot to establish the people in the video.
  • Hands shot or an action shot of what your subject is doing.
  • Over the shoulder shot to show the subject interacting with another person.
  • A shot panning over the area of the venue.

He recommends using the sequence for something that is constant and repetitive to get the sequence of shots.

The five shot method is one of the easiest ways to get good video and create a video story.


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