Life According to Krista

Mar 20

I created a Pinterest account and have been repinning photos of travel, quotations and recipes. I am still figuring out how to use it, but follow my page 🙂

Mar 20

It looks like even babies are now up to date with electronics.

Mar 20

The ever popular Google Maps and  Google Earth have certain restrictions people may not think of. There are ten places that are censored and blocked out on the maps so that the world cannot see what goes on behind these sensitive areas.


Mar 20

Chapter 9 of Mark BriggsJournalism Next is called “Data-Driven Journalism and Digitizing Your Life”.

This chapter is about the importance of data and proof in any news story.

One thing Briggs emphasizes is the importance of using tools to help your career as a journalist. He says that there is normally minimal risk to trying a new device online, as many of them have free trials or are very inexpensive (Briggs, 244).

One interesting things Briggs says is that technology is

“kind of like driving a car: no matter how cool the car or how many gizmos it has, it’s still the driver who makes the decisions that matter.”

Here are a few things you can do to help you get more organized and catch up with the digital world:

  • Create folders in your email and organize emails. This will help you get the information you need quickly and with ease.
  • Make a list of things you need to get done.
  • Keep a calendar and write any events or plans you have in it.
  • Keep folders of photos on your computer or a hard drive. Make sure these are well-organized by the events.

Some office suites Briggs recommends are Google, Office Live, and Zoho.

These can help keep you organized and up to date on your “to do” lists.


Mar 20

Chapter 8 of Mark Briggs‘ handbook, Journalism Next, explains how important video can be to the success of a blog.

He explains how journalists can use different devices to capture moments and show their audience good footage of an event.

It is best if the video is short enough for people to want to watch. Most viral videos are no longer than about a minute long.

Lastly, Briggs says that perfection in a video is not necessary. As long as a video gets up on a blog site before other news sources get to it, it may be more popular or gain the views. Videos are a great way to gain exposure and if you are in the right place at the right time, it could just help boost your career.

Mar 19

There have been reports saying that the new Apple iPad has a glitch- overheating.

People have claimed it is uncomfortable to use for long periods of time and becomes too hot to hold.

Apple has not stated what they will do about the problem, but hopefully the glitch will be worked out quickly!

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This is a map of my school.

Mar 06

Chapter 11 speaks of the importance of building a digital audience for news.

It is important for a journalist to track everything they post, so they can see who is reading their blog, how many people view it, and what sites it may be going on.

Briggs also makes sure to mention that it is important to look at as many other news stories that may be related to their own that could help add to news stories. Keep up with the news so you’re not the last person to hear about it.

Another tip was to track audience members search history so that the blogger can more easily write posts that relate to their target audience.

Lastly, search engine optimization is a crucial part of blogging. By making your blog appear higher up on search results, more people will go to your page and view the content.

Mar 06

Chapter 10 of Mark Briggs’ Journalism Next book talks about the importance of connecting with the audience and making news seem like a conversation with the viewer.

Some ways of doing this include:

  • Using language that is simple and would flow well in a normal conversation
  • Replying to comments on a blog page
  • Talking about things that are relevant to the audience
  • Conversing through social network sites

Briggs also stresses the importance for bloggers to create a community as well as get involved in the community around their home. It is very important to know people for sources and to help network.

Lastly, be careful to take off offensive or distasteful comments on your site. Although the blogger is not the author, the audience can still view the comments and may sometimes find them offensive enough to stop returning to the site.

Mar 04

Jim Romenesko shared an article about the New York Times talking about their future in the print industry.

The New York Times acknowledges that they will have to make cutbacks and people may be losing jobs or pay. They also offer hope, however, in saying that they still have a readership and are negotiating to make sure their staff is safe from unemployment.