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Feb 07

Greg Jones had two rings with him last Sunday; one for winning the Super Bowl, the other for his girlfriend, now fiancee, Amanda Piechowski.

He proposed at the finish of the game while the team was still celebrating.

It’s a good thing the Giants won, otherwise the proposal would no doubt not be nearly as special.

Congratulations to the engaged couple!

Feb 07

It looks like Apple found yet another way to reinvent the iPhone apps to make life even easier. There are apps being created now to help people find jobs.

Fox News investigated and found that more people are beginning to use these apps to find jobs in the poor economy.


Feb 06

The United States FBI is trying to figure out how they were hacked by a group called Anonymous. The fifteen minute phone call was recorded by the hackers and released to the public.

Feb 06

CNN Money recently published a list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”.

Google takes the cake being listed number 1 company to work for, however the site does not explain in great detail why these companies are so great.

There are also lists categorized by the largest companies as well as top paying and the best perks.


Feb 06

Each year I look forward to the new Super Bowl advertisements on TV. In fact, they are probably my favorite part about the day (other than the feast of wonderful foods).

Hulu has compiled all of the best advertisements of the game into one convenient section. They even have funny ads from years past documented on their site!

My favorite was the Sketchers ad with the French Bulldog.


Feb 06

This is just a fun little story I found about a student trying to find love and begin his career of filmmaking 🙂


Read Luke Kelly’s story here!