Life According to Krista

Feb 23

Mark Briggs emphasizes the importance of visual aid in blogging in chapter 6 of his Journalism Next book.

Pictures and videos keep the audience captive and interested in the subject matter and can sometimes even help explain what the writer is talking about.

Whether you are using your own photos or copyrighted photos, make sure to site the images and give the photographer proper credit.

Briggs goes on to talk about taking your own shots at events and how to properly use a camera. Look at page 148 for tips on how to make your photos the best they can possibly be. He also gives photo editing tips so you can be creative with your pictures and make them stand out.

He ends by saying,

“Taking good photographs is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Often, reporters find themselves in the middle of something newsworthy or interesting, so basic photography skills are critical for anyone who considers himself or herself a journalist”


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