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Feb 13

The Washington Post newspaper is turning more and more into an online paper.

News is released much faster and is instantaneous when released online. People no longer have to wait for the paper to be delivered to their doorstep or go to the store to find out about the news, rather they are able to look at their computer right away.

Although there are some people who believe newspapers should remain printed, the way the industry is headed makes it impossible to only print papers. The Washington Post is beginning to embrace its new future with online journalism and accept its fate.

Although The Washington Post has usually been ahead of the competition, its reluctance to move toward online journalism set it behind. Jeremy W. Peters wrote an article for The New York Times about this dilemma. The article focuses on how The Washington Post fell behind and what it may need to do to catch up again.

As long as The Washington Post can start to bring up its webtraffic and gain a larger audience, they will be able to be one of the top competitors in the industry once again, but until they choose to start conforming to what people want, they will continue to lose viewers.

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